Bohemian Art Gallery represents a group of internationally acclaimed artists and emerging talents from the Czech Republic. We are pleased to provide our clients with a carefully selected collection of original artwork directly from the artists' studios.  

While many of the famous glassmakers of the world manufacture their pieces by machine, the glassmakers of Czech Republic continue to create much of their exquisite crystal and glass by hand. We guarantee the quality of the craftsmanship, selecting only pieces that are of the highest level of designer work. It is our pleasure to provide our patrons with superbly crafted products that will bring great beauty and delight to their owners.

Bohemian Art Gallery cooperates with numerous galleries and museums, including the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, The Smithsonian Institution Cooper-Hewitt, The National Design Museum in New York, The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, and The American Museum of Art and Design in New York.

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